Project Marco Polo

Like Marco Polo, the famous Venetian merchant, explorer and writer who traveled to China and described to Europeans in a detailed chronicle the wealth and great size of China, and his experience of the epic journey in the thirteenth century, you can now play his role by doing Project Marco Polo, only this time you get to travel and document the journey not just to China but many other parts of the world.

This group project typically consists of 16 people divided into four different subject groups. Before embarking on the exciting journey, participants of each group need to know the subject matter of their home country well, and be prepared to tell and show all that information to the people of the country they are visiting, in exchange for the locals' hospitality and assistance to get anything that the Project Marco Polo team would like to know, see, and bring home.

Project Marco Polo (PMP) for a particular nation usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete. (Not bad compared to the 24 years Marco Polo and his father and uncle took before returning to Venice.) It will be a big achievement for the project participants, and they will also have a documentary to show and tell everyone about it.