American Student Ambassador

Go to a foreign country, travel around its major cities, meet with government and business leaders and professionals, spread Americans' goodwill and help hundreds of foreign students at local schools get to know the United States, its people and culture, and assist them to connect, communicate and establish a friendship with American students back home is the mission statement of the "American Student Ambassador." (ASA) It is possibly one of the most challenging tasks a high school or college student can undertake. However, it will also be one of his/her biggest accomplishments during high school or college years.

Volunteer high school and college students selected as American Student Ambassador will be paired with at least one other ASA and a team of ELP's local college interns; and stationed at one to three foreign primary or secondary schools for a total of 4-11 weeks. (Longer and more countries, cities and schools if it's a gap year) In addition to the full support of the school principals and teachers, the ASA team will receive training and guidance from ELP to carry out their tasks.

ASA assigned to the same country will be grouped together as a U.S. delegation and make official visits to government offices, corporations and other organizations around the country for recognition of their work. Activities with local families and communities are integrated into weekly schedules to give the ASA a full grasp of the people and culture of the foreign nation.