About ELP

ELP Global Education Programs is an education organization established in Minnesota, the United States of America. ELP's mission is to provide students from kindergarten to college with opportunities to broaden their eyes and minds, gain deeper understandings about themselves and the world, and acquire global oriented and resume/career building experiences so that they have a better chance to live up to their full potential.

Since 2003, ELP has been working with K-12 schools, universities, and government offices in the United States and other nations, offering global educational programs to students, educators and administrators, such as:

  • Global joint learning project -- Organizing students and educators from Beijing Primary school, China visited Creek Valley Elementary School in Minnesota and had classes with American students for a week -- one of the activities of a three-year joint project partnership. (First of its kind between US and China)


  • International language program taught by native speakers -- Arranging teachers from Beijing and Taiwan to teach Mandarin Chinese to elementary students in Edina and Mahtomedi schools in Minnesota, and offering Chinese educators an opportunity to observe American teachers' teaching. (First of its kind at public elementary schools in the U.S.)


  • Education delegation exchange -- Orchestrating the U.S. Superintendent of the Year and his school principals to visit K-12 schools, teacher's colleges and education authorities of the city governments of Beijing, China and Taipei, Taiwan and have a first-hand observation of how Chinese students were educated. (First of its kind for educators and administrators among U.S., China and Taiwan.)


In addition to working closely with schools and government offices from local to national levels in different countries, ELP Programs also establish partnership with business organizations from small to multinational over the years to help high school and college students gain practical experiences overseas by offering a broad range of internship and emplyment opportunities.

ELP also supports the U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award and serves as its Certifying Organization to verify volunteers' qualification and issue the Award to qualified U.S. students, teachers, and citizens who participate in the following ELP Global Education Programs:

  • American Student Ambassador
  • International Teacher And Parent Advisory Board
  • Project Marco Polo
  • Global Internship
  • Language & Cultural Immersion
  • Angels Around The World